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Edgar Snow: Red Star Struck

The left-wing journalist’s 1937 account of meeting Mao influenced a generation who saw China through rose-tinted glasses as late as the 1970s — until the...

One for the History Books

How Endymion Wilkinson’s encyclopedia of Chinese history grew from 70,000 words in 1973 to 1.75 million words for its 50th anniversary edition.

Washing History

A new novel about the Chinese Civil War feels true to the author’s experience of it, but also amplifies the Party’s preferred version of the...

The Bones Remember

Three new books grapple with the suppressed histories of modern China, from the Cultural Revolution to the Covid pandemic. But for every state effort to...

The Shadow of Chiang Kai-shek

China’s nationalist former leader has a mixed legacy. Two new books present him in a revisionist light — but what inheritance did the Generalissimo really...
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Thu Jun 27 6:30pm

Book Talk: Edward Wong, At the Edge of Empire

When Edward Wong became Beijing bureau chief for The New York Times, he investigated his father’s mysterious past as a soldier in the People’s Liberation Army, while assessing the dream of a resurgent China himself. His new book, At the Edge of Empire, tells the story of a family and a nation spanning decades of momentous change. Join us at Asia Society in New York for a book talk with Edward Wong in conversation with The New Yorker writer Jiayang Fan.